Free Image of the Week on iStock

Free Image of the Week on iStock

I was pleasantly surprised to find one of my images (don’t worry, I submitted it myself) on the front page of As a contributing artist on this is amazing. Istock has millions of buyers from around the world and being front page is best case scenario. Kudos to iStock 🙂

Analyzing the gain from such an event I think this is certainly what is often referred to as a win-win-win situation:

1. gets good publicity having a pretty picture on the front page.
2. The buyers get great commercial value at no cost.
3. The artist gets his/her portfolio displayed to a wide range of buyers.

I can’t get my arms down!!

The whole concept is really, really good and I would like to thank you all for the nice comments, ratings and sitemails that have been coming because of this.

For those of you who appreciate super large groups of people this is what I’m putting online very soon (plus some kids super group a bit later):


Kind regards,

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