Quick update

Quick update

4.5 months ago a miracle happened. My baby boy, Kiran, was born. I am in love!
Together with my new assignment of fatherhood, in the past few months I have been producing literally thousands of images. As you can imagine this kind of schedule means that something has to go to rest. In my case the blog. But now I see light at the end of the tunnel … I see 5 minutes here and 3 minutes there!!
I have been getting quite a few questions about the resizing actions failing on some systems, and realize that they need some serious updating. The good news is that I will have time by mid July for updating the system, and if you feel like the girl beneath, sorry! 🙂

Tomorrow I’m off again to shoot, and that will continue for the next 6 days. I heard that the philosophy of Tom Grill is that of “KEEP SHOOTING, JUST KEEP SHOOTING”. So that is what I will do … And by the way for all you photo nerds out there I just bought new Profoto gear. This is a tiny photographers dream come true: 4 ProB heads, 1 Pro Twin Head, 4 D1s(two 500w and two 1000w), a ringflash, 4 Pro-B3 1200 AirSs, 2 Batpacks, a Giant Reflector 180 plus a truck load of other umbrellas, softboxes, snoots, grids etc. … sweet!

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