My name is Daniel Laflor and I’m a photographer

Daniel Laflor

Me doing what I do best, taking pictures. Picture by Timo Battefeld.

Basics info:

I’m 32 years old, half Spaniard, half Dane. Married to Marianne and living in a suburb outside Århus in Denmark. First child coming around Feb 15, 2010. Can’t wait 🙂

Daniel Laflor on shoot 1

Me on set waiting for styling to get ready. Picture by Timo Battefeld.

So what do I actually do?

I try to do stock photography. Tons of it. Stock photography means to produce images that buyers from around the world can search for, find and buy through a website. My dream is to become loaded economically independent and not have to worry too much about stuff like money. With the help of my mentor, I have done massive research into what kind of imagery sells and what is just a waste of time shooting. I often come home from a shoot with more than 500 selects (images that will go online for sale), but that is only due the wonderful ‘always ready’ team I’m working with, consisting of stylist Lone Dahl, production manager Toefieq Johnson, styling assistants Angie, Malikah and Runwind, runners Nur and Thalib, Phill “Buss Lightyear” (professionel octopus), Photoshop guys Sean, Ajay and Dinard, Mr. Ostergaard the money wizard, and of course the ever inspiration of my life, my wonderful wife Marianne. I shoot exclusively for my collection on iStockphoto.com. Why? Because I think those guys over at iStock rock and set the standard for what stock photography is all about. For those of you that are curious, I was (to my good fortune) trained by Yuri Arcurs. In fact, we now share office space, stylists, gear and locations. Yuri is one of the most kind and generous people I’ve met and I hope to be able to pass along the kindness he has shown to me.

Daniel Laflor on shoot 2

Checking the preview on the H3. Picture by Timo Battefeld.


Chatting with model Luke Dollimore, a really great guy, on a set in Cape Town. Picture by Lone Dahl.


Capturing business people from above - a classic shot. Buyers will always need new versions of this one. Picture by Lone Dahl.


Still shooting business people from above ... hmm ... I am so close to a relaxing hangout on this beautiful roof, but hey ... gotta get my shot. By the way, that is the art director of the day, Scott Gordon from New York, working hard on the sunbed 😉 Picture by Lone Dahl.


Shooting a large group is really, really hard, but totally worth it. If you succeed, you can create amazing imagery; the possible variations with such a crowd are unlimited. Shortage of time is the only problem. Picture by Lone Dahl.

Here is a short glimpse of a shoot filmed and commented by the legendary Teofieq Johnson 🙂

This was one of the shots from the movie.

A bit about my personal background:

I lived as a Vaisnava monk for some years. That sort of turned me into what I am now; totally into Vedic philosophy, meditation and trying to act through the principles of love. I try to live a devoted life with a strong sense of moral and ethics. Of course I still have a long way to go, but that is my aspiration. I’m into organic food, minimal pollution, and have been a vegetarian for more than 13 years. Become my friend on facebook and we can discuss the philosophy of love there 🙂

Meditating after a long day of shooting

That is me getting ready to meditate after a long day of shooting. That is where I get my strength from 🙂 Picture by Timo Battefeld.

Thanks for reading. Please don’t hesitate to write if you have questions or comments. Yours, Daniel Laflor

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